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Pro Tips

These tips will only make sense after you've made one of the "regular" v2 masks. Download those instructions here (PDF).

Tip 1 - Super Fast Straps

Make a new template (see page 1 of the instructions) out of something grippy like leather or a silicone mat. Leave a wide margin for the presser foot. Skip the marking step, and just use the template to push the mask through the machine, pausing only to place straps. (This requires a machine flush with your sewing table, if you're lucky enough to have one).

Tip 2 - Fast Cutting

If using a rotary cutter, make a few quick templates out of 1/4" MDF or similar. If using a power tool for any reason, please be careful! The emergency room is the last place you want to end up in right now. (You might want to make these the old fashioned way).

Tip 3 - Fancy Straps

Ole Saalmann has put together a fantastic video with some additional tips for executing this variation. Watch the video (in German, but words aren't necessary), or scroll down to read.

Another idea to simplify the straps (and improve finished quality by eliminating the last ragged edge) is to place the straps onto the 11x11 as part of the first step (but don't put the filter on yet).

Fold over the straps. (The straps should be past the half-way mark, they should fold a bit too so you're not sewing close to a ragged edge).

Sew around 3 sides (note this is upside down from the regular instructions).

Insert the wire, but only half way (still need to fold it in half to mark and sew the next step).

Place filter on top, then flip inside-out.

Fold in half.


Sew and cut as before.

Flip inside out again, move wire to middle, then form into nose shape.